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ADO RecordSet Methods

Namespace: VB

ADO recordset methods

Method Purpose
AddNew Adds a record to the Recordset and makes it the current record
Cancel Cancels a pending asynchronous Open or Execute call
CancelBatch Cancels a pending batch update
CancelUpdate Cancels changes made to the current record
Clone Creates a cloned copy of the Recordset
Close Closes the Recordset
CompareBookmarks Compares two bookmarks to determine their relationship to one another
Delete Deletes the current record
Find Finds a record matching a specific criterion
GetRows Copies a specified number of rows from a Recordset to an array
GetString Copies a specified number of rows from a Recordset to a string
Move Moves to a specified record in the Recordset
MoveFirst, MoveLast, Moves to another record in the Recordset relative to the MoveNext, MovePrevious current position
NextRecordset Returns a Recordset object representing the next Recordset in multiple-Recordset returning functions
Open Opens the Recordset with the specified options
Requery Requeries all records in the Recordset by re-running the original command
Resynch Refreshes data in the Recordset from the data source
Save Saves the Recordset to disk
Supports Checks a provider to determine what Recordset functionality is supported
Update Saves changes to the current record to the data source
UpdateBatch Updates records in the Recordset when using batch updating

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