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A topic about ADO tips and tricks
These 10 tips come from the May 1999 issue of Visual Basic Programmers Journal -- Optimizing Data Access Using ADO by Dianne Siebold. See this article for a full elaboration of these tips. It's online, available once you register...
  1. Avoid updating through RecordSets: ConnectedRecordsets require a cursor, an open connection, and consume resources.
  2. Use Stored Procedures since they are pre-compiled and thus faster, and they scale far better.
  3. Create the MinimumRecordset, the recordset with the minimum bells and whistles you can live with.
  4. Use Disconnected Recordsets because they consume drastically lower database resources.
  5. Define CommandParameters.
  6. Encapsulate data access. Put data access code into a dedicated tier or layer.
  7. Use data shaping to return master/detail data.
  8. Use MTS.
  9. Use Output Parameters instead of returning recordsets where appropriate.
  10. Retrieve only required data.

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