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The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a professional organization founded in 1947. Visit the ACM website @
You can get involved in a local university student chapter simply by offering to do a stand up presentation on OOP. Whether or not you actually tell them it's VFP is beside the point - most degree-seeking candidates at universitities with student ACM chapters are always hungry for speakers. The point is that if you expose COMPUTER SCIENCE students to VFP at the university level - it will start to see more and more use. Be sure and tell them about the wonderful licensing agreement Microsoft has for educational institutions: One instructor buys the Enterprise Edition of Visual Studio - and BOOM!! he immediately gets, without any additional paperwork to file, 10 additional licenses to use in any computer lab in his/her university. Such a deal!!!

Another cool concept deals with offering internships to computer science students - you can get them cheaply BUT teach them about VFP, OOP, SQL and client/server technologies - stuff they don't get in their classes at the university. Contact your local university, ask for the dean or chair of the computer science department, and ask him/her about putting up your internship posting with the senior-level internship class - maybe even offer to come in and talk about it with the internship class.

Want more info??? email me - William Sanders

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