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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
AFP (Active FoxPro Pages) is an Internet Server extension that processes programcode inside an HTML page. AFP may be compared to Microsoft’s ASP technology; it is a Script Engine for xBase programmers that allows dynamic data presentation in the Internet.
Highlights: Active FoxPro Pages (AFP) is a product of ProLib, Germany.
A Wednesday Night Lecture on January 17, 2001, given by Tom OHare, John PChambers, and wOOdy.

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[20:26] *** Cindy Winegarden changes topic to 'Active Foxpro Pages with John, wOOdy and Tom'

[21:00] {Evan Delay} Our three speakers for tonight are John P Chambers, Tom O'Hare and Juergen Wondzinski.

[21:00] {JohnChambers} There will be several sites we will direct people to and Also, Tom has put up some files to demonstrate certain things.

[21:01] {JohnChambers} We are also looking at some interactive things

[21:01] {wOOdy} Hey, a shorter link is

[21:04] {JohnChambers} Tom, you want to give the address of the non-wap pages that you put up and also the waps.

[21:06] {JohnChambers} We are talking about AFP tonight. AFP (Active FoxPro Pages) is a web tool. There are several that I know of AFP, X-Works, WWC, and Fox Web

[21:06] {JohnChambers} Tom and I are the US distributors of AFP.

[21:07] {JohnChambers} Woody is the CEO of ProLib. They own AFP. Tom and Woody are both more knowledgeable than I am. They are programmers, I am a shrink.

[21:08] {TomOHare} Thanks for the pressure John... < vbg >

[21:08] {JohnChambers} Tom does mostly IIS on NT I do the tech support with PWS with the various operating systems.

[21:08] {JohnChambers} VFUG,, is AFP driven, as is the afp site here and in Germany.

[21:09] {JohnChambers} BTW I think everyone should thank Woody for attending as it is 3 AM in Germany.

[21:09] {wOOdy} Guten Morgen everybody!

[21:09] {wOOdy} Also, on our side, Stephan Perlwitz is attending

[21:10] {TomOHare} Ja, Guten Morgen Herr Stephan!

[21:11] {JohnChambers} Basically AFP is simple to use and get working. It is a combination of using HTML with FoxPro code. It will do non-visual FoxPro items. Basically you write the table in html and AFP populates it or in an HTML coded document you put in < % ? Date Time() % > and date time will print there on the page. You change the ending of the file from .html to .afp or you can set your machine to read .html and afp will show as we do on VFUG.

[21:11] {Stephan} Good monring !

[21:12] {JohnChambers} BTW since he is here Stephan is also with ProLib and a AFP expert.

[21:12] {JohnChambers} The power of AFP I find amaxing if you go to the German site and run the 8 million addresses it will give you an idea of the speed.

[21:13] {JohnChambers} We would like this to be interactive, so don't hesitate to jump in with questions

[21:13] {JohnChambers} I currently have PWS running on the machine in my bedroom, hooked to Road Runner.

[21:14] {JohnChambers} The reason I mention this is that we have a customer that runs a rather large site using just PWS and Win98 with AFP.

[21:14] {wOOdy} The direct link to that demo is

[21:16] {JohnChambers} My current address is

[21:17] {MichaelSchwaid} just tried the 8Mio demo, can I run it from a standard browser?

[21:17] {JohnChambers} I just wrote a page in there that is test.afp just prints the date or time. If anyone has some non-visual code they would like put in it I can do it very quickly, just cutting and pasting. I usually write in VFP then paste.

[21:17] {wOOdy} Michael Schwaid: of course you can run it from ANY browser, since the output is pure HTML

[21:18] {MichaelSchwaid} not sure what I'm doing wrong, nothing happens when I submit...

[21:18] {JohnChambers} Michael Schwaid Are you on my page or Woody's?

[21:18] {CathyPountney} I get HTTP Error 405 when trying to go to

[21:18] {MichaelSchwaid}

[21:19] {JohnChambers} give me a minute

[21:19] {wOOdy} MS: ok, now enter "test" into the street box and hit send !

[21:19] {CathyPountney} Got it now!

[21:21] {ChuckWilliams} returned my po-dunk city address in .39 sec

[21:23] {ChuckWilliams} Soooo...can we set path varibles and access data without ODBC and on different servers on the same network

[21:24] {JohnChambers} ChuckWilliams Yes

[21:24] {MichaelSchwaid} any suggestions, I'm using IE 5...

[21:24] {MichaelSchwaid} nothing happens when I submit...

[21:25] {MichaelSchwaid} (send)

[21:25] {CathyPountney} Michael -- Do you mean nothing happens or do you mean that it doesn't find it?

[21:25] {JohnPChambers} ChuckWilliams If you go to click on SIG Jobs under Main SIG pages, that is actually connecting to a server in florida from a BSD server in Houston and displaying the page.

[21:25] {JohnPChambers} Michael Schwaid Are you abbreviating the state?

[21:25] {MichaelSchwaid} yes

[21:25] {MichaelSchwaid} Don't worry 'bout me keep going...

[21:26] {JohnPChambers} Try putting in Nantucket Houston Tx see if theat works

[21:26] {MichaelSchwaid} ok

[21:26] {Evan Delay} Kudos guys that page is fast

[21:27] {MichaelSchwaid} nope...

[21:27] {ChuckWilliams} Is there any interference from ASP and is the only difference the extension once AFP is loaded?

[21:27] {TomOHare} IIS uses the extension

[21:27] {TomOHare} Then maps it to the right DLL

[21:29] {MichaelSchwaid} found it, the result set (reply) showed in another ie instance??

[21:30] {wOOdy} Michael, that happens because normally that page is part of a frame.

[21:30] {TomOHare} If you go to the VFUG.Org site and look at the Newsletter section for February, you will see I wrote an article using AFP with WML pages and doing XML.

[21:31] {TomOHare} So there is a lot of power there.

[21:32] {JohnPChambers} There is a demo version of AFP on both sites. One really good thing about it is that in most cases you can be up and running within an hour. Most of the problems with AFP and I assume the other products are with dcom, IIS, PWS, NT. We have fairly good pages to guide you through the installation. Once it is installed there is rarely a problem

[21:32] {TomOHare} I also have the Phone.Com SDK DLL on the server and doing some wild stuff with that too.

[21:33] {HectorCorrea} How is AFP different from WWConnect?

[21:33] {TomOHare} Easier...

[21:34] {JohnPChambers} Hector Correa I agree with Tom OHare it is easier and simpler to set up the learning curve is learning VFP and HTML.

[21:34] {TomOHare} < %?"Hello World"% > inthe Body and you have an AFP page after AFP is installed.

[21:35] {MarkusVoellmy} Tom, so one can say you replace VB/JScript with pure Fox Code isn't it?

[21:35] {TomOHare} ...or < %?ttoc(dataetime())% >

[21:36] {TomOHare} for the date and time...

[21:36] {wOOdy} JFI, I just changed the sample at to include the complete HTML code at the end.

[21:36] {HectorCorrea} Besides including native VFP code, Can I call fox pro PRGs and/or VCXx?

[21:36] {ChuckWilliams} How about transform(date())

[21:37] {TomOHare} yes

[21:37] {Evan Delay} So one could use something like Webconnect AND AFP?

[21:37] {TomOHare} As they say... < s > AFP IS VFP.. < vbg >

[21:37] {ChuckWilliams} is it too much volume to discuss how to install AFP

[21:38] {MarkusVoellmy} All commands supported?

[21:38] {wOOdy} Basically, you get the full blown VFP language included in your WebServer

[21:38] {DenisChasse} Are there any restrictions on the VFP Code that can be used. Fox example can I use everything from my framework?

[21:38] {TomOHare} Docs and KBs, etc are at the web sites for help.

[21:38] {MarkusVoellmy} Thx

[21:38] {TomOHare} Non-Visual VFP code only

[21:38] {MarkusVoellmy} So all you can place in a DLL would work, cool ;)

[21:39] {JohnPChambers} I just wrote a page on my site Dotest.afp simple VFP code. I did make an error and not put x=x+1 and got an afp error. It works now

[21:39] {TomOHare} I also have the MS XML 3 SDK DLL insatlled and calling it from AFP

[21:39] {JohnPChambers} this is the code

	< body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" >
	< %
		Y= "this "
		DO WHILE x < 10
			? "Hello World"
			? Y
 			Y = Y + Y
 			x = x + 1
	% > 

[21:40] {TomOHare} Well, I usually do the dirty work in a PRG. < s >

[21:40] {TomOHare} Thanks John... < S >

[21:41] {DenisChasse} How much is it?

[21:41] {MichaelSchwaid} feel better? < s >

[21:41] {TomOHare} Yes, thanks! < s >

[21:41] {JohnPChambers} US $499

[21:42] {TomOHare} wOOdy has his calculator out. < vbg >

[21:42] {DenisChasse} What is the difference about the real thing and the demo?

[21:42] {wOOdy} Licenced per Motherboard, just like Windows(R), regardless how many webs you are running on that box

[21:42] {JohnPChambers} It is $499 for the license

[21:42] {TomOHare} A SPLASH screen

[21:42] {ChuckWilliams} I only need one copy If it is loaded on my web server

[21:42] {TomOHare} Yes

[21:43] {DenisChasse} I only have W98 and PWS. Can I use it with that configuration?

[21:43] {TomOHare} Yes

[21:43] {HectorCorrea} Can I handle "regular" web stuff like cookies with AFP?

[21:43] {TomOHare} Docs available on the sites for using it with PWS

[21:43] {JohnPChambers} DenisChasse That is what you are looking at on my site. It works fine with Win98 and PWS.

[21:43] {TomOHare} Yes

[21:44] {ChuckWilliams} Any caveats?

[21:44] {TomOHare} Including the nortorious "AFP Cookie"

[21:44] {JohnPChambers} We have one customer that runs a large site for a college on just Win98 and PWS. It is fast so it can handle a lot of hits

[21:44] {TomOHare} < s >

[21:44] {TomOHare} No ASP code in the AFP pages.

[21:44] {MarkusVoellmy} Tom What about that NT/IIS bug that's mentioned in the docs ... is this fixed meanwhile?

[21:45] {JohnPChambers} Denis look at the file I put for installation on WIn98 it shows it step by step.

[21:45] {TomOHare} Any IIS issues are MS issues, not AFP issues.

[21:45] {DenisChasse} Is there some kind of source code that comes with AFP? What languages was it made with?

[21:46] {JohnPChambers} Tom OHare Does get occassionally frustrated with IIS as do I think all web administrators. I think we have had less problems with AFP than we have with .asp or Front Page

[21:47] {wOOdy} Markus: AFAIK, the NT bug was killed with SP6

[21:47] {MarkusVoellmy} Thanks wOOdy glad to hear that

[21:47] {JohnPChambers} We have had very few problems with AFP, as I said earlier they will revolve around the OS and are not specific to AFP, but a problem no matter what you are running.

[21:48] {wOOdy} The AFP is a C DLL and a AFP.EXE in VFP6.

[21:48] {wOOdy} The AFP.DLL links the AFP.EXE into the ISAPI of your Webserver

[21:50] {ChuckWilliams} Any gotcha's in setup?

[21:50] {wOOdy} The most problematic requesite of AFP is, that it needs Windows running on your server.

[21:50] {DenisChasse} Do you offer free support? If yes how long?

[21:50] {MarkusVoellmy} Or the ISP's ;(

[21:50] {TomOHare} Free email support for US customer who purchase AFP.

[21:51] {DenisChasse} Do Canadian have free support too :-) ?

[21:51] {TomOHare} Just for you... < vbg >

[21:51] {JohnPChambers} DenisChasse Yes we get you up and running. and continue to help in that arena. We don't write the VFP code, but give support with any AFP problems.

[21:51] {wOOdy} Then there is the Support forum at

[21:52] {TomOHare} And a KB, and articles, and my lack of sleep... < s >

[21:52] {JohnPChambers} BTW If you do a view source on an AFP page you only see the html code

[21:53] {JohnPChambers} Hi MichelleCox Long time no type

[21:53] {TomOHare} Our first forum user for AFP!

[21:54] {JohnPChambers} DenisChasse You might look at it this way. I am basically a Social Worker that does individual and relationship counseling. I am not an advanced person in VFP, but write our office apps. I had it up and running in California on a laptop I borrowed from a friend in less than an hour with PWS.

[21:54] {TomOHare} So yes, AFP runs VFP code (non-visual), you can create objects, no need for ODBC if you use VFP tables.

[21:55] {TomOHare} With AFP you can use OCXs, VCXs, DLL, etc...

[21:55] {JohnPChambers} BTW as a side there is a text editor called edit plus you can use It has VFP code and html so that you can program pretty easily with it. I use Dreamweaver. You have to watch out for Front Page renaming things + it adds a lot of trash to your site that isn't needed

[21:56] {wOOdy} Coming back to the way you create AFP Pages, we have some basic samples at

[21:56] {TomOHare} I even run an EXE to reset IIS from my Cell phone. < vbg >

[21:57] {JohnPChambers} Tom OHare Is heavy into the WAP. I saw it demoed at a SIG from a company in Austin. I know that the large phone companies are investing billions in it and AFP can be used. Tom is an expert in this area.

[21:58] {TomOHare} Thats on wOODy's side of the pond.

[21:58] {JohnPChambers} I was most impressed when I talked ot him on his cell phone. He was having lunch at Chili's and reset the server from there.

[22:00] {DenisChasse} How often do you have upgrades?

[22:00] {TomOHare} Running an XML parser to get elements and attributes is just as easy.

[22:00] {JohnPChambers} AFP requires the AFP.dll the exe, a MS OS and server, the FoxPro runtimes that are downloadable if you don't have VFP on your machine. AFP is FoxPro with HTML, et.all as the visual presentation instead of forms.

[22:00] {TomOHare} < rofl >

[22:01] {wOOdy} Ok. Currently version 2.3 is up and running since some time now (1 year...)

[22:01] {wOOdy} Version 2.4 is just getting ready to hit the street

[22:01] {TomOHare} Withthe Phone.Com SDK (DLL) you can even "reach out and touch someone" using PUSH technology.

[22:03] {TomOHare} I think.. < s >

[22:03] {ChuckWilliams} Does this mean there isn't any header code to define VFP to "run at server" or "language = "

[22:04] {TomOHare} Not needed

[22:04] {MarkusVoellmy} It's impressive, it is simple to use, it sounds all perfect, so where is the reason, not everyone uses it already ? :)

[22:04] {TomOHare} DAMNED good question

[22:04] {JohnPChambers} Consider with the web apps like AFP for FoxPro VS.Net maybe just an attempt to catch the rest of the VS apps to FoxPro. Try doing the address thing Woody has using VB and see how long it takes

[22:04] {MichelleCox} People seem more interested in Web Connect whenever I talk about how great AFP is. :)

[22:05] {TomOHare} Maybe for the same reason everyone is not using VFP -- MS? < vbg >

[22:05] {MarkusVoellmy} Well I think for me the biggest problem would be to find an ISP here in Switzerland that let me install all the needed stuff on one of his machines.

[22:06] {MarkusVoellmy} Or I get my bosses convinced to do the webhosting on our own, what isn't that easy neither ;)

[22:06] {JohnPChambers} Web Connect is a good product. It gets a lot more publicity and exposure than AFP. Plus Rick and Markus are presenters at most of the big shows. They are also very nice guys, with great talents. we think AFP is better and certainly simpler and easier with a shorter learning curve

[22:06] {wOOdy} Getting ISPs to support AFP is really the most particular problem, but that's the same with WebConnet

[22:07] {Evan Delay} You guys have hosting though, no?

[22:07] {MarkusVoellmy} Yeah, that's why I'm still using server scripts :(

[22:07] {ChuckWilliams} Good question...if you do not control the web server how do you get an app running from a remote ISP server?

[22:07] {MichelleCox} I found it to be very easy when I played with it way back when. I read Rick's book, but found that confusing.

[22:07] {CharlieBlakey} What are the ISP's biggest concerns?

[22:07] {JohnPChambers} Markus Voellmy If the machine is an NT Server, it would add to his machine's ability. He could be a host then. Should maybe give you your stuff for free for supplying the AFP.

[22:07] {MichelleCox} I mean, AFP was easy.

[22:07] {wOOdy} Most ISP are doing Server Hosting. You put your PC an the ISPs site and it's connected to their network

[22:08] {TomOHare} www.AccuCon.Com does site hosting...

[22:08] {wOOdy} Here in Germany, even SIEMENS is doing AFP hosting.

[22:08] {MarkusVoellmy} John ... This might be worth a try ;)

[22:09] {DenisChasse} This product almost looks too easy to be real :-)

[22:09] {TomOHare} That is what I said when I first saw it..

[22:09] {JohnPChambers} Markus Voellmy It doesn't require much administration. Basically the ISP loads it and gets it set up then it is available to the users that he designates.

[22:10] {wOOdy} Dennis: That's the main problem < g >

[22:10] {TomOHare} I was "waiting for the other shoe to drop", but it never did...

[22:10] {JohnPChambers} DenisChasse Try the demo if you have problems, get in touch with us.

[22:10] {TomOHare} Get the docs, especially "First Steps"

[22:11] {JohnPChambers} DenisChasse the Win98 doc will take you through it step by step.

[22:11] {MarkusVoellmy} John Yes, I see this the same, way but you know how the ISP's are fearing about the "stability" of their servers, besides If they run Windows already VFP can't so much harm ;)

[22:11] {CathyPountney} Do I understand correctly? If I get my ISP to load this, then everyone else who is hosted by that machine can run this?

[22:11] {TomOHare} "if" they know it is there.... < s >

[22:12] {CathyPountney} So as the president of the Grand Rapids Area FoxPro User Group, I could get an ISP to load this and get all our members to put their websites with that ISP and we could ALL use AFP.

[22:12] {DenisChasse} If the only difference between the demo and the full product is a splash screen does that mean that I would be able to build an entire site and really be sure of your product before bying it? and that with full support even if it's just the demo?

[22:12] {JohnPChambers} Cathy Pountney That depends on your ISP. I think they can restrict it to just you. If you buy the license it is in your name and you own it and can move it.

[22:12] {TomOHare} YES!

[22:12] {NickNeklioudov} I tried AFP a while ago and was very impressed. It's a pity I don't have any Web projects to apply it.

[22:12] {TomOHare} We encourage that

[22:12] {JohnPChambers} DenisChasse Yes

[22:12] {TomOHare} Nick, yeah, they are much more fun, aren't they? < s >

[22:13] {TomOHare} Yes, PLEASE download the Demo and make sure you are a happy camper first!

[22:13] {DenisChasse} I'll do that for sure

[22:13] {MarkusVoellmy} Well that's an offer I can't resist Tom

[22:14] {CathyPountney} John -- But if I WANTED to, I could let all the members know about it and they could benefit from it too. Maybe my ISP would foot the bill if he knew he could get several new hostings.

[22:14] {NickNeklioudov} Does somebody have a doc something like AFP vs. Web Connect? Would be interesting to see the difference.

[22:14] {TomOHare} You mean "An offer you can't refuse"??? < vbg >

[22:14] {wOOdy} Nick: Comparing WWWC to AFP is very difficult.

[22:14] {JohnPChambers} Cathy sure it is a server license you can let anyone on the server that you want use it.

[22:15] {CathyPountney} Sounds like I need to bring this up at the next GRAFUG meeting!

[22:15] {TomOHare} I have a VCX that is a VFP wrapper for WAP operations about completed. < vbg >

[22:16] {TomOHare} Lets you PUSH alerts, PULL notifications, clear cahes, etc on WAP cell phones.

[22:16] {NickNeklioudov} Are there things which AFP cannot do and WWC can and vice versa?

[22:16] {TomOHare} BTW, PALM, Pocket PC, etc, have WAP browsers you can get for them.

[22:16] {wOOdy} WWC is a complete set of methodologies (?), classes and routines for about anything in a webprogramming.

[22:16] {JohnPChambers} Cathy Pountney When we were starting with it a year or so ago I loaded PWS on the HAL-PC SIG A Computer, loaded AFP and put some pages up demo took about 30 minutes. It makes a great item for a presentation.

[22:17] {wOOdy} You'll have to follow the WWWC way and that's a very highlevel, high-sophisticated way. Huge learning curve.

[22:17] {DenisChasse} How old is that product?

[22:18] {MichelleCox} When I played with AFP, it was on Win98. Is there anything different to do it on W2k (not the server version)?

[22:18] {wOOdy} But WWWC is surely the best package, thus it can't hurt to have both. AFP for the real work and WWWC for some supporting routines < g >

[22:19] {TomOHare} Or write a DLL and call then from AFP. < whoops! >

[22:19] {TomOHare} < s >

[22:19] {wOOdy} AFP, OTOH, is straightforward. Much easier to use, and it lets you way more freedom of coding.

[22:19] {Evan Delay} Tom that sounds like a good pairing.

[22:19] {JohnPChambers} Nick Neklioudov I believe you can pretty much do whatever WWC can do with AFP, however, as Woody points out WWC has a lot of code and classes that come with it. Both are good products and X-Works and Fox Web maybe also, I just haven't seen them. Markus and Travis have both demoed WWC at the HAL-PC SIG

[22:19] {DenisChasse} When was the first version of AFP released?

[22:19] {TomOHare} Yeah, running DLLs, OCXs, etc, etc, form a Web site is really cool.

[22:19] {CathyPountney} So in comparing WWC and AFP do I understand correctly to say that AFP is a tool to let us write our own VFP code, whereas WWC is a tool that has a bunch of routines already written.

[22:20] {TomOHare} XML, WAP, etc, is all available to you very easily then.

[22:20] {wOOdy} Denis, the first AFP istallation was about three years ago

[22:20] {wOOdy} Cathy: Correct

[22:21] {JohnPChambers} Cathy More or less. It has set ways as I understand it that you need to use. There is a learning curve, kind of like Pro Matrix or FoxExpress. If I am wrong Woody, Stephan, Tom please step in

[22:21] {CathyPountney} And since we can do *anything* with FoxPro, AFP makes our web pages the ultimate!

[22:21] {wOOdy} In AFP, you can write your code as you want: Classic Procedural, or OO

[22:21] {TomOHare} Or API calls, or objects, etc

[22:21] {TomOHare} COM, DCOM, etc. too.

[22:22] {TomOHare} You can even count sheep form AFP, right Stephan? < vbg >

[22:22] {wOOdy} BTW, also WWWC has a so called scripting mode, but that's different to our engine.

[22:23] {CathyPountney} I'm just starting to dabble in web development so it sounds like this utility would be much easier to learn and I'd be more productive quicker than with WWC.

[22:23] {MarkusVoellmy} wOODy .. so more or less I could take any old 2-tier VFP app and replace the forms by AFP driven HTML to build a web interface, is that correct?

[22:23] {Stephan} The scripting engine from AFP changes your HTML with the embedded Code into a real FXP (if you want) and therefor it runs at normal speed

[22:23] {TomOHare} Yeah, a lot of Fox developers are slow to get into Web development

[22:24] {Stephan} WWWC in contrast, parses the scripting code out of the HTML and runs it as a macro.
Actually this is incorrect - Web Connection supports several scripting models one of which is running VFP code in compiled form. In fact it works very similar to the way AFP works, but this is only one of the models we support in Web Connection and have supported since Version 1.x.
-- Rick Strahl

[22:24] {CathyPountney} You mean I'm not the only one!

[22:25] {DenisChasse} What happens when I decide eventually to go to client-server?

[22:25] {HectorCorrea} I just dowloaded the demo (AFDEMO.EXE) from It is in German...Do you have a version in English? (sorry I don't speak German, only English/Spanish) :()

[22:25] {TomOHare} You are!!!!

[22:25] {TomOHare} < s >

[22:25] {wOOdy} Markus: As long as you can call your routines from outside of your old form (i.e. have encapsulated your interface) it's a snap. If not, you have to write the connecting stuff

[22:26] {wOOdy} Hector: I'll check this...

[22:26] {TomOHare} You can use www.AFPWeb.Com < s >

[22:28] {JohnPChambers} DenisChasse sorry I hadn't clear the thing AFP23us.exe is posted on the German site and has the english version and the pages in English

[22:30] {DenisChasse} Excuse me here again. What happens when I decide eventually to go to client-server? Was an answer directed to me on that question?

[22:30] {Stephan} Hector: Just download the AFP23US.EXE first. This is the real meat. What you downloaded are the sample AFP files, so that you can see some examples to start with. And yes, you are right: The installer is not switching to English

[22:31] {DenisChasse} Can I do Client-server with AFP?

[22:32] {Evan Delay} * applause *

[22:32] {JohnPChambers} Take care Cathy

[22:32] {TomOHare} Yes, you can do Intranets just as easily.

[22:32] {DenisChasse} Thanks a lot for that presentation guys

[22:32] {CathyPountney} Thanks -- I'll definately be discussing this at the next GRAFUG meeting.

[22:32] {DenisChasse} I'm amazed

[22:32] {Evan Delay} Thanks Tom, Stephan, Woody and John taking the time to speak to everyone.

[22:32] {JohnPChambers} Denis if you mean will it run on the workstations as a web page, yes it will it works for intranet same as web, but you will need pwd or iis running on the server.

[22:33] {TomOHare} Our pleasure.

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