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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Active FoxPro Pages (AFP) is a Web server extension like PHP or ASP. Active FoxPro Pages can be run in two operation modes - either as a VFP program that generates HTML/XML output or as program code inside an HTML/XML page. Both are equal. AFP may be compared to Microsoft?s ASP technology; it is a Script Engine for xBase programmers that allows dynamic data presentation in the Internet.

Active FoxPro Pages (AFP) runs on any ISAPI compliant Web server like Microsoft Internet Information Services, Apache HTTPd 2.0.x, and others on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Active FoxPro Pages gives any VFP developer as well as Web designer a fast and easy way to build dynamic, data-driven Web pages. According to the plugin interface anyone can enhance the functionality on its own. Active FoxPro Pages 3.0 is a true multi-threaded engine based on Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8 and higher. Download a free trial version at

AFP is a product of ProLib Software GmbH, Germany. You get more information about AFP at one of the following product websites at:
Versions since 3.0.600 provide Intellisense Extension for Visual FoxPro to ease development of web applications within Microsoft VFP. The solution is based on the upcoming My-Namespace of Sedna.

To explain what it is.... simply think of the Active Server Pages from Microsoft and write FoxPro Code instead of VB-stuff.

Take a look at the following HTML-Page and you can see, that there is FoxPro Code in it:

All customernames from table CUSTOMER
<table border="1" width="95%"> <tr> <td width="10%"<%?"cust_id"%></td> <td width="35%"<%?"company"%></td> <td width="35%"<%?"contact"%></td> </tr> <% if not used("customer") use data\customer in 0 endif select customer scan %> <tr> <td width="10%"><%?customer.cust_id%></td> <td width="35%"><%?></td> <td width="35%"><%?></td> </tr> <%endscan%> </table> </body> </html>

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