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Namespace: VB
Microsoft's synch program to Pocket PC (Windows) devices. Currently at version 3.7.1 (Build 3244) -- Alex Feldstein
Can this be automated? (Is it an automation server? Is that the right queation?)
I don't think that is the right question. I don't know why there would be any need to automate. It can be set up so that when the Pocket PC is in the cradle, it will detect any changes made to any data on either machine (that is set to be synchronized) and make the corresponding changes to the data on the other machine. What's to automate? -- Pamela Thalacker

Someone is trying to get contact data from a dbf into the pocket PC. - ?cfk

Most commercial Contact Managers (eg Goldmine) work best by synching with Outlook on the desktop. Active Sync then automatically synchs the data with the Contacts data in Pocket PC. - Kevin Wright

Yeah, we use Lotus Notes as the "vehicle" to get our calendaring data into the PDA. Once we've sent our data to Notes, whatever the user uses (Active Sync, Intellisync, whatever...) is immaterial (as well as the PDA device itself). The biggest hurdle was developing the Notes interface, but luckilly Notes is a COM server. Guess this would be quite a bit more complex if we needed more than read-only data on the PDA. - William Fields

Remote Application Programming Interface (RAPI), which is a set of API functions stored in rapi.dll, allows to operate with objects on Pocket PC from VFP application:
- System Registry -- reading/writing
- files and folders -- reading, writing, transferring between computer and Pocket PC
- accessing Object Store databases (like Contacts Database) -- reading, adding/deleting records etc.
- launching applications remotely

On my web site I have several VFP classes wrapping part of RAPI functionality. - Anatoliy Mogylevets
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