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The latest term for Object Linking And Embedding (OLE). The term OLE was eventually replaced by COM since more advanced OLE outfeatured what was described by the term "Object Linking and Embedding".

COM is Microsoft's standard for a "Component Object Model". ActiveX is Microsoft's implementation of this standard. However, the term is mostly used for ActiveX controls which isn't entirely correct. The term "ActiveX" applies to every kind of COM based server component.

Check out Com Architecture is a source of third party ActiveX controls

Here are examples of using the Pinnacle Graph control with visual foxpro: MSChart Control Examples

In Visual FoxPro, there are two settings to controls how ActiveX controls behave, SYS(2333) and _VFP.AutoYield.

Every month, FoxPro Advisor reviews ActiveX controls in the ActiveXControl Showcase column. You can see the list of the controls reviewed there as well as suggest new ones to the author, Andrew MacNeill.

EXontrol seems to have a whole slew of controls that work with VFP. See ex Grid.
Some ActiveX files (such as MSCOMCT2.OCX) have the OLESelf Register property (seen in the Version tab of the file properties dialog) which can result in unintended and undesirable situations if the control self-registers to the wrong place.

This can occur when running an application without installing it, such as from from a folder on a server, CD ROM, USB stick, etc. When the application uses an ActiveX control that is not registered on the workstation, but for which a copy exists in the EXE folder, the copy will be used and will register itself using the mapped drive or UNC path of the EXE folder. This then becomes the registered location for the OCX, and when it is changed or removed the controls in the OCX are no longer usable. Using Reg Svr 32 or similar techniques to register an instance of the OCX in a suitable folder (typically %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32) is usually corrective. Jeff Zanin
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