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The ActiveX Control Showcase is a series of columns written in FoxPro Advisor since March 1998. They cover pretty much any and all ActiveX controls that developers might find interesting or useful. The column's author is Andrew MacNeill .
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The following ActiveX controls are covered in FoxPro Advisor issues:
@ctiVideo Control (video capture) 4/1/2000
ARESButton Pro (command button replacement)A-1/1/2000
Active CandyB-4/1/1999
Animated GIF Control 4/1/2000
Automatic Resizing ControlsF5/1/1998
bbListView A 
Calc Box (Calculator)D3/1/2000
Calling VFP within Outlook 9/1/2000
Capture Pro(video capture) 4/1/2000
Chado Spell Text (Spell checking)A+3/1/2000
Coyote Flat Controls 5/1/2000
Crystal Reports ControlB7/1/1999
ct Calc (Calculator)B+3/1/2000
DataDynamics ActiveBarA-1/1/1999
Dbi Technologies cTreeB+8/1/1999
Dbi Technologies ctListA9/1/1999
Dbi Technologies ctListBarB+2/1/1999
Dbi Technologies ctNavBar 12/2001
Dbi Technologies ctGrid 12/2006
Dbi Technologies Calendar Controls 12/2001
EclipseCabinet ControlA11/1/1999
GravityBox Scheduler (Schedule UI)B+2/1/2000
Kodak/WangDesktopImaging ControlsA6/1/1999
LDDrive NewsList (information scroller)A1/1/2000
Mabry Mail ClassA+11/1/1998
Microsoft ActiveMovie ControlB-8/1/1998
Microsoft Agent 12/1/1998
Microsoft Animation ControlA8/1/1998
Microsoft Calendar 5.0B-4/1/1998
Microsoft ChartB6/1/1998
Microsoft Coolbar 6.0F1/1/1999
Microsoft Date And Time Picker 6.0A-9/1/1998
Microsoft FlexGridB-7/1/1998 (date updated)
Microsoft Internet Transfer ControlA (VFP5-B)3/1/1999
Microsoft List View 5.0 1/1/1997
Microsoft List View 6.0A9/1/1999
Microsoft Pivot Table 2000A10/1/1999
Microsoft ProgressBarA3/1/1998
Microsoft StatusbarB3/1/1998
Microsoft SysInfoA5/1/1999
Microsoft Tab Strip #1F7/1/1998
Microsoft Tabbed DialogC+7/1/1998
Microsoft Toolbar 6.0A+9/1/1998
Microsoft Tree View 5.0 1/1/1997
Microsoft Tree View 6.0A8/1/1999
Microsoft RTF ControlB+4/1/1998
Outlook Contacts 6/1/2000
Outlook Messaging 8/1/2000
Outlook Tasks and Calendar Scheduling 7/1/2000
Net Meeting8/1/2001
R&R Report Writer ControlB-7/1/1999
RS Calculator (Calculator)C-3/1/2000
SAPI (Speech and Text recognition) 11/2001
Sheridan ActiveListBarB-2/1/1999
Sheridan ActiveThreeDD-4/1/1999
Sheridan Active ToolbarsD1/1/1999
Shutdown ControlC+10/1/1998
TeeChart ActiveXA-6/1/1998
TrayICO ControlA-10/1/1998
ULSeth RAS ControlC+11/1/1999
Wang Image ControlsB+5/1/1999
Workbook OCXC4/1/1999
Xceed Backup (automated backups)A+12/1/1999
Xceed ZipAUnknown
#1 I'm not sure why this one rates an "F", see the Tab Strip topic.
Maybe because it was tested more than 3 years ago?
Wow. That's some list. I love the scores. :-) -- Steven Black Category 3 Star Topics

Always looking for more! - Feel free to add to the suggestion list on top

Found XceedZip to be an easy control to use, replaced the shell to dos zip routines found in some applications. Can be form or program based. ChrisJohnson

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