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ActiveXControls Installedby Windows - Office - Internet Explorer

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Anyone know if there's a "concordance"(?) that lists which ActiveX files ship with each:
- version of Windows
- version of MS Office
- version of IE
- major service pack upgrades
The vast majority of my applications get distributed within locked down environments that won't permit ActiveX/COM controls to be installed.

However ... one of my customers recently pointed out that most of the ActiveX controls that they would like me to use (but which I can't install) are already present on their workstations. These are Windows 2000 and XP workstations with recent versions of Office (2000 or higher) and recent versions of IE (5 or higher) with relatively current service packs in place.

Anyone feedback - either on the fact that many common ActiveX controls may already be present on most "modern" PC setups or URL's where I might find the file concordance I'm looking for?

About the closest thing I can think of is this resource

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