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Namespace: VB
Addinfo class browser add-in was published in 1999 by Fox Talk magazine by author Nick Drochak.

Add Info X is an enhanced version of Addinfo by Vlad Tokarev.

It is a very useful utility.

  • Addinfo.prg - a Class Browser add-in that fills the right-side tree with additional information about events, methods and properties.
  • Enabler.prg - a Class Browser add-in that enables and disables the Addinfo
  • Addinfo.h - a header file for Addinfo.prg, Enabler.prg, Install.prg and Remove.prg
  • Install.prg - installation of Class Browser Addinfo add-ins
  • Remove.prg - uninstallation of these add-ins
    Add Info X can be found at

    Why didn't you put it into easily accessible Wiki FTPDirectories ?

    7-jul-04 Fixed one bug -- vt

    1-aug-04 Uploaded a new version.
    It can make five new nodes in Class Browser now.

    These are:
    -'Empty Built-in Procedures'
    This node gives an ability to open Designer for an empty procedure
    and to use the button 'Edit Parent Class Method'.
    -'Not used Built-in Properties'
    -'Objects`s Procedures'
    -'UnKnown protected PEMs'
    -'UnKnown hidden PEMs' -- vt

    13-aug-04 Add Info uploaded to Wiki FTPDirectories

    25-aug-04 New version of Add Info X uploaded to the Yahoo group.

    Speed is higher (replaced MEMLINES & MLINE with ALINES).
    It corrects Refox`s work now.
    New nodes may be not expanded if _oBrowser.lAutoExpand = .T.
    Evaluates not used built-in properties.
    Counts number lines of code in procedures.
    Marks procedures that have '*, &&, NOTE' only.
    Marks procedures that have '#DEFINE' in code.
    Processes VCX`s objects and other improvements.

    16-sep-04 New version of Add Info X uploaded to the Yahoo group.
    17-sep-04 This archive I put to Wiki FTPDirectories also, as

    New features:
    Marks procedures with 'DECLARE ... IN ...'.
    Marks procedures with 'RETURN, RETURN .F., RETURN .T.' only.
    Can remove protected marks and hidden marks from right tree.

    17-jun-05 New version of Add Info X uploaded to the Yahoo group.
    A main new feature:
    Camel-like names on the right panel of the Class Browser.

    See also Browser Add Ins

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