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Namespace: SQL
Address Of() is function in languages like Visual Basic and Visual C++ that returns pointer to function.

A function pointer is a convention that enables you to pass the address of a user-defined function as an argument to another function you've declared for use within your application. By using function pointers, you can call Windows API functions like EnumWindows to list the open windows on the system, or EnumFontFamilies to catalog all of the current fonts. You can also use them to gain access to many other functions from the Win32 API.

For more info see: Passing Function Pointers to DLL Procedures and Type Libraries
and Converting C Declarations to Visual Basic -- Zlatin Zlatev

Unfortunately, VFP doesn't have this function (probably because user defined functions don't have a fixed address and/or cannot be called using "normal" function calling methods... I don't know the internals of VFP, so I can't say for certain), which means any Win32 API function call that requires a callback function pointer to be passed to it cannot be easily used from VFP. - ?wgcs -> FLL which can JIT assemble C callback functions for use in VFP. --Christian E.

See Also: Callbacks And Events
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