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Advanced Object Oriented Programming With Visual FoxPro

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Advanced Object Oriented Programming With Visual FoxPro by MarkusEgger
416 pages. Published by Hentzenwerke. ISBN 0965509389.
I think this book is excellent. Certainly one of the best VFP books ever written. The whole Hentzenwerke VFP 6 series is great. -- Steven Black
Thanks Steve! It's a great honor to hear that from you. -- MarkusEgger
If only I could get my hands on that Power Browser for 6.0??? -- Bob Archer
I loved this book and think it should be mandatory reading for every developer that doesn't already know everything about how OOP works within VFP. I've also posted a review at Here is the 1st paragraph from that review:
This is a landmark book that attempts to fully explain the object-oriented concepts and tools that are part of Visual FoxPro (VFP) development. If all VFP developers simply understood all of the concepts presented in Chapters 1 ("Basic Concepts") and 2 ("How Things are Done in Visual FoxPro"), they would be much better off. And there are 15 more chapters that follow.

-- Randy Pearson
This is a terrific book. It benefited me immediately in terms of my work, and I know I'll be able to use it as an ongoing reference. I've been recommending it to clients not in direct contact with our plugged in community.

Technical value aside, the writing style is charming... very much Markus. And I know we have his technical editor, Mac Rubel, to thank for that as well as the author himself. It wasn't easy to write a work of this caliber in a foreign language, and it couldn't have been easy to correct the linguistic nuances without spoiling the voice. I know I'm not the only one to notice and appreciate the style. My DevCon roommate, Sue Cunningham commented a number of times how she could just hear Markus delivering the information to her as she read.

I'll add my kudos for the whole Hentzenwerke series as well... completely invaluable! -- Ceil Silver
I am almost done reading this book and have nothing but praise for Markus. I have said so in Amazon where I gave it 5 stars! Excellent job! -- Alex Feldstein
I'm about to embark on developing a large commercial product in VFP and one goal is to take advantage of the latest designs and technologies. This book has been extremely helpful along those lines. In fact, I have 5 or 6 of the Hentzenwerke series and they are all excellent!
Jim Icenhower
In Chapter 3, What's not so obvious: "VFP has features called instance programming and pseudo-subclassing. ..easy to use, but every now and then, the lack of specific knowledge brings up some serious problems." I had always wondered why some things that seamed like normal OOP didn't behave as elegantly. After reading this section, now I know why.

There are 100 pages describing the Fox Foundation Classes.

Chapter 8 really helped me understand the Visual FoxExpress framework.

Well done, Markus. -- Carl Karsten
I finally learned everything I wanted to know about the Class Browser and Component Gallery, just in time to set up classes for my first "real" OOP project. I also appreciated the discussion about Visual Modeler. -- Cindy Winegarden
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