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Advantage Database Server

Namespace: VB
Client/Server Access for Visual FoxPro applications without data conversion

Advantage Database Server is a full-featured, high performance client/server data management system specifically designed to meet the needs of business application developers. Advantage provides both ISAM table-based and SQL-based data access, allowing a growth path for legacy database applications to today's modern techniques. Advantage Database Server offers VFP developers:
Support for large DBF tables (4GB and greater)
ODBC access to VFP 9 Data Types
Internet access to DBF tables
Direct table access in ADO.NET
Full Text Search
Support for CursorAdaptor & SQL PassThrough
Table, index, memo and communication encryption
The ability to hide DBF tables
Online backup

Our complete solution for Visual FoxPro Developers includes:
Advantage Database Server
Advantage OLE DB Provider
Advantage ODBC Driver
Advantage Data Architect


Free trial:

Advantage Database Server for Visual FoxPro Developers is a free article by Doug Hennig published in FoxRockx that discusses Advantage from a VFP perspective.
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