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I was reviewing Category People and it occurs to me that a wide variety of mostly great people pop in here, and a good number of them are independent developers who sometimes find themselves available for work, or find themselves so swamped they could use some help. There may also be some developers with full-time jobs who would be available to moonlight.

How to advertise here that you may be available? or that you have available work? Discretely, as you would when whispering the fact to friends and respected colleagues.

Thus I propose two new categories:
  • If your workload is looking light, simply add the string Category Available to your personal page.
  • If you are swamped, and could use some help, just add the string Category Work Available to your personal page.
    I feel that the calibre of developer that is here is far, far above the average developer in terms of skills and experience. Let's leverage that.
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    Contributors: Steven Black
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