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Publishers of, among other things, FoxPro Advisor magazine. Also recent co-hosts of DevCon 10.
In my opinion Advisor Publications has a pathetic website which reflects its pathetic avaricious content policies. Advisor entombs hundreds of great past articles about FoxPro and Visual FoxPro. But the average Joe Fox Developer with a website offers more online content and value than does Advisor with its boundless library. What a shame! We are all the poorer for it, Advisor included.-- Steven Black.
I agree. When I subscribe, shouldn't I have access to past articles online? Idiots. MikeRibeiro
Yes. There is little value in this large slippery stack of former trees that clutters my office. I noted a reference to a reader survey in the latest edition. Now if I could just find that copy... - lc
Slippery is right. My stack is always sliding somewere instead of staying in its place. Also, the ink smudges very easily. Cindy Winegarden
In their defense, I thing the FPAdvisor CD-ROM's are a great value. The entire year's worth of issues on a fully text searchable CD. Although, what I would really like to have is their entire library on a DVD.... - WF
Actually their entire FoxPro library would fit on a single CD with lots of room to spare. Many magazines publish several years worth of material on a single CD. Not advisor.-- Steven Black
Steven, while I hoped, even expected to find you contributing to a discussion called " Anti Patterns", this wasn't what I had in mind!! ;-> As for FPA, I normally find a couple of 'paragraphs of gold', those little tidbits of info, that make it worth the subscription price, but feel their site should allow more access to magazine content (for paid subscribers at least). You can't even access the full contents of their current issue... Michael Schwaid

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