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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
AGETFILESUMMARY is the same thing as AGETFILEVERSION but for
Summary resources such as Author, Revision Number etc.

The code from has been adapted for VFP fll library by Igor Nikiforov 2008-11-12

Creates an array containing information about files with summary resources or about Compound Document Properties

Return Value: Numeric. AGETFILESUMMARY( ) returns the number of elements in the array. If any error occurs AGETFILESUMMARY( ) returns the error code. If the file you specify does not exist or does not contain summary resources,
AGETFILESUMMARY( ) returns zero, and the array, if already created, remains unchanged.

AGETFILESUMMARY(ArrayName, cFileName) Note: to create the new array is executed a "variable already exists" error will occur. Therefore, It is recommended that the SYS(2015) function be used to obtain a unique name for the array to be created. The array created will have the following structure: Error codes:
STG_E_FILENOTFOUND      -2147287038 File not found
STG_E_FILEALREADYEXISTS -2147286960 Not a compound file

Set Library To Agetfilesummary
?AGETFILESUMMARY("Afilesummary", _samples+"WebServices\Northwind\NorthwindWebservice_Setup.msi")
Display Memory Like Afilesummary
?Agetfilesummary("Afilesummary", Getfile("doc,xls"))
Display Memory Like Afilesummary

There is a library with source code available. Download
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