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Alan Cooper At Essential Fox

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A place to discuss Alan Cooper's talk at Essential Fox.

I'd sure like to hear what Alan has to say about the Standard Data Entry Form containing text boxes, labels for each text box and a button bar.

Second choice would be for Alan to review a Filter Form. The filter form is used to select a subset of data by having the user specify criterion for certain fields. Our users love this form once they learn how to use it.

Third choice would be to have Alan review a FictionalDatabaseApp. This is more of a framework, but contains all the "good stuff". Three tiers, designed for the user, a onsie view and a list view of the same data subset, sort of an all of the above option.

Joe Kuhn
I heard Cooper speak locally a year or two ago. I don't think he's going to be focusing as narrowly as individual forms. The talk I heard was at a higher level, and focused on the process. -- Tamar Granor
Ok, a workshop - it'd be one way to promote his approach - let's dig in. I'm a fan and I'd just like to learn as much as I can about his approach. Joe
Joe - check out Essential Fox 2003 ( Alan's planning to do a workshop as a preconference offering.

Now, what *I* think would be cool would be a session with Alan Cooper and Kent Beck "discussing" the process. Russ Swall
Yeah, buddy. That would be cool. I've been touching Kent's stuff over the last couple of months through a book called "Extreme Programming Applied" by Auer and Miller. It's an awesome technology. Every other page I go, "That'd work."

I'm on an xp chat group that only hints at what folks are doing in their shops. The discussions are infrequent - people only bring problems to it, but the last job posting shows a mature technology that is flying. It smells of success. I want to be that successful!

Russ, do you guys use XP at all? Joe Kuhn
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