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Alek Massey is a VisualFoxpro/.NET developer who is a Software Engineer for a Mobile AL based software shop.
He was employed as a Senior Programmer Analyst by a Mobile, AL based aerospace firm for almost 10 years.

He attended the DevCon 11 in Miami. Fla and had a blast. He Picked up some great Ideas and got to meet Tamar Granor and Drew Speedie and Jim BoothOffsite link to
and a lot of the eminent people in our community.

He cut his programming teeth writing BASIC on a Commodore VIC 20 and didn't have a storage device, not even tape! He has started developing in FoxPro in 1994 and has years of experience developing, maintaining and migrating FPD, FPW and VFP 6 & 7 apps. He even dabbled in a little dBase III back in the late 80's. Now he's integrating SQL Server into the back end of VFP6 and VFP7 application's. He has provided assistance on and Compuserve Foxpro Forum. He is a member of the GCVSUG and VFUG. He knows Wayne Myers and Aubrey Cote personally, not that it is going to impress anyone.

He is a family man, husband of one and father of three.

He doesn't usually refer to himself in the third person, but is making an exception here for your viewing pleasure.

He is available for part time (moonlighting) work...maybe more if the money's right and the work is interesting.

You can contact this individual... if you dare... at Alek.Massey [at] gmail [dot] com
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