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Alias () not Found During Read

Namespace: SoftwareEng
I have quite a large Form, six Tabs inside a frame, dealing 240 plus fieldtable via an updateable view and am using a couple of other views. Recently everytime I exit the form after going thru the last page on the frame, I get the Alias() not found message while sitting on the READ in the Main menu.
Code is massive, not really suitabe for posting. When one looks in the the Data Session Window at the time of the error (or just before) everything included in the Data Environmet seems to be there??
Any ideas? (BTW, this is a Multi-session application in VFP8 and it happes with or without th serv.pack installed.

You might check to see if you have any code which references alias() in menu skip methods or toolbar buttons, etc. Things that can get updated outside of the normal flow of control. It may be that some recent change elsewhere has closed the current alias and things are trying to refresh once it gets back to the READ. -- BradKarsjens
( Topic last updated: 2004.02.19 12:57:06 PM )