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Always On Bottom

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

New property, introduced with VFP 6, which forces forms to sit in the background.
When I saw this topic in the random list, I thought it was a joke. I checked the docs and no, it's for real. What is a good use of this property?
Ken Levy came up with the best use I've seen: he created a form with an IE ActiveX control, and then set it to be maximized with Always On Bottom = .T. This then became a "background" for a VFP environment, so you could keep sports scores, news, or even FoxWiki available at all times. Another use I've seen is an app whose main screen was designed that way, with forms for the various functions of the app popping up on top of the main form. This prevented the large, always-present main form from covering up the other forms through an accidental click outside of the form borders. -- Ed Leafe
Category VFP Control Properties