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Always On Top

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Property which forces forms to sit in the foreground.

There is a new property Always On Bottom, which forces forms to sit in the background. - Craig Berntson

Setting this property to .T. forces the window to be the top most. This does not mean that it has the focus. A good example of this is the Properties window. You may be working on a form or class in the designer, but the Properties window floats above it. If another window with Always On Top set to .T. is clicked on, it will become the topmost. -- Rick Hodder

One thing that VFP 6 did do is change the way this property works. Prior to VFP 6, setting Always On Top to .t. caused that form to be on top within your application, but with VFP 6 the form will be on top across all applications. I learned this by recompiling some of my VFP 5 apps in 6. -- Chad Bourque

Are you sure about the Chad? Maybe that is true for windows set as Top Level, but I dont think that happens with normal forms. -- Rick Hodder
A better name for this property might be AlmostAlwaysOnTop since other objects with Always On Top set to .t. can be on top of each other. In addition, quirky VFP behavior can sometimes cause an object with this property set not to appear on top.
Category User Interface
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