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Analysis and design tools help you document, analyze, and manage requirements or create design models.

Examples: Visio Enterprise,Visual Paradigm for UML(, Rational Rose (and its pathetic disabled sibling, Visual Modeler), xCase for data models
In general, Visual Foxpro is not well integrated with analysis and design tools. There is a VFPModelingWizard that will transact VCXes to and from a Rational Rose or Visual Modeler model, but it's not practically useful for a number of reasons.

It's somewhat comforting that claims by other tools of integration with Rational Rose, such as Visual Basic, Visual CPlus Plus and Java, is hubris. Sure Rational Rose will generate .H and template .CPP files for C++ from a model, but this is nothing a baboon couldn't do and, moreover, the Round Trip Engineering claimed by the Rational Software is, as a practical matter, bullshit. For VB and Java, it's worse. I know of no software project of any concequence that employs any of these features. This is supported by hundreds of messages to this effect in the Rose mailing list at

So don't let claims of tool integration fool you into thinking that this translates into something of any practical value.
I am looking at formalizing our design process and am interested in anyone's suggestions/experience with any design tools. Do you automate your design process?
Jamie Osborn
Visual UML is a good alternative to Rational Rose. I use it considerably for my design work, however I have decided not to use its reverse engineering facilities because I personally didn't find them to work the way I expected. Having said this, I can't stress enough the importance of using a design tool - it's just amazing how seeing different representations (diagrams) of what you have in mind will just bring up things you hadn't thought of if you were to just sit and write code. Alex Wieder
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