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Andrew Coates

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As of Jan. 23 2004, Andrew will be working full-time for Microsoft Australia as a Developer Evangelist. Any hints about working there (in the vein of those offerred to Ward Cunningham), would be greatly appreciated - See Tips For Working At Microsoft.

Andrew Coates is a director of Civil Solutions, a PC database consultancy in Sydney, Australia. Andrew has been developing using Fox since 1989 and specialises in integration of PC tools, especially in the data transfer and mainipulation aspects. Andrew wrote the Driving the Data Bus column for Fox Talk on a semi-regular basis. All his articles are archived on his web site.

Andrew was a speaker at Great Lakes Great Database Workshop 2002 and at OzFox 2003 and OzFox 2004

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys spending heaps of time with his children :)

Andrew completed the requirements for MC s D on April 12 2000 and got a pretty engraved bit of glass from Microsoft to prove it.

Andrew is was the founding President of the Sydney VFP User Group

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