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British-born, now resident in Akron, OH. Co-owner (with wife Marcia Akins) of Tightline Computers, Inc. a consulting group specializing in Client - Server systems and application development.
After several years hiatus in the SQL Server world, Andy has returned to VFP as the Senior VFP Developer for Fiserv Lending Solutions, based in Amherst, NY. He works remotely most of the time, but does visit Amherst from time to time.
Contact at: [email†protected]
Awarded FoxPro Community Lifetime Achievement Award in November 2013 at the German FoxPro developers conference

Andy now has his own Blog (see he does visit the 21st Century occasionally) coutesy of Eric den Doop and URL is
Speaker at Various Developer Conferences in UK, USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific including ...and finally got his Green Card on November 12, 2004!!!!! -- Marcia Akins
...and plays squash like a guy half his age.-- Steven Black
...alas no longer :( -- Andy Kramek
...I suppose you like fishing? ;-) [McCue]
...Nope! Golf :) -- Andy Kramek
......Those qualifications are nice Andy, but complete rubbish unless you know the airspeed of an unladen swallow :) Don Higgins
......OK, I'll buy it! I have no idea what Don is talking about -- Andy Kramek
.... African or European? -- Alex Feldstein (a Monty Python line)
.... Well, two maybe, if they use both hold the husk or make some twine.. arrrrrrrrrrgh [wcs]
.... How do know so much about swallows? Doug Dodge
.... Sorry Andy, I thought you might be a Monte Python fan. Alex and I obviously are!
.... Nope! I liked the first series they never had enough material for the second, let alone the third seriesand I stopped watching it in the earlyl 1970s -- Andy Kramek
.... Actually he is a much bigger Hitch hiker's guide to the Galaxy fan -- Marcia Akins
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