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Angel Gonzalez
Euristika Software LLC
Celebration Florida

During the past 20 years I have been playing an important role in the insurance and finance industry in Florida and Puerto Rico as one of the most recognized and talented developer. Proof of that recognition is the more than 300 projects and clients including mayor’s insurance companies, premium finance companies, banks and insurance agents/brokers (the complete list available upon request).

We are expert in Visual Studio 2005, T-SQL, C#.NET, ASP.Net, Visual FoxPro 9. Most the time we have been working as Sr. developers, systems analysts, project leads, technical leads, software testers, mentors and trainers.

Most of our projects we have been implementing on-site business requirements for application upgrades and converting the processing of legacy system databases. We had been working with the technical staff to create, interpret, and implement business and system requirements into technical specifications. Identified, analyzed, reported, and tracked test script issue creation and resolution. We are very effective communicating, reporting, and managing technical expectations and streamlines development/implementation lifecycles.

You can contact us :
Celebration Florida office : 1-866-316-8669
email :

Or you can visit my web-site
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