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Bass - Trigon Software Littleton, Colorado Pipeline Compliance System Software

From their web page:
Bass - Trigon Software's Pipeline Compliance System (PCS) is the most widely utilized system for managing pipeline cathodic protection and compliance data. With more than 1300 installed sites at over 120 pipeline companies throughout the world, PCS provides a framework for managing, integrating, analyzing and scheduling inspection and maintenance information for cathodic protection systems, close interval surveys, atmospheric inspections, internal inspections, valves, pressure control devices, leak surveys, pipeline patrols, and more.
I know it's written in VFP - because I've seen it in use. -- Randy Bosma
[2002.03.06] According to recent postings on the UT, they are moving to another backend for data.
We still use Fox. We have over 500,000 lines of code and growing and 115 odd tables in the database. Plans are to offer SQL backend option within 2-3 years.
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