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Bonnie Berent

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Bonnie used to be a consultant/developer for her own company, ProfitWare. She has written software for polling cash registers, primarily for the restaurant industry.

However, tired of being a starving programmer, she has taken a "real" job with Sunpro / Aether Systems in Washington state (writing client/server apps for Fire Departments). She still maintains a few consulting clients from the old days in California.

Well, that's not true anymore either ... Aether told everyone in January, 2002 that they were laying everyone off who used to work for Sunpro, but everyone could stay until June if they wished to "help with the transition". Bonnie said "screw that" and left in April. She is now working for 90Degrees, writing a C# .NET application for the same industry.

As of October, 2003, Bonnie is now a Microsoft MVP in C#, mainly for the help she has given on the Universal Thread .NET forum. She also participates on the Got DotNet forum.


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