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Living in The Netherlands, in the area of Arnhem, 10 minutes form the German border. Working in IT since 1985.
Started with dBase3+, soon switched to Clipper. In 1995 saw the power of FoxPro 2.6 and very soon after that started with VFP 3 now working in VFP 7 and testdriving VFP 8.
Self employed since May 2005. My company, Lutgerink Economical Software Architect (, specializes in software development (VFP and the Net Compiler from etecnologia) and project management for software projects.
I can be found at
VFP MVP since 2007, tx to YAG who recommended me.
In my free time I do some work on Foxite ( ) a site created by Eric den Doop.
Thank to Eric den Doop, the Dutch VFP MVP, we are now able to get our VFP blogs. Visit for more information. Some of my thoughts are placed there and more will follow (no doubt).
Stopped my company last month. Now mainly focusing on affiliate marketing. Although this old fox will never turn completely away from da' Fox.
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