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Business Object Functionality

Namespace: VB
Methods Typically Provided by Business Objects
  • Business object becomes a New() default entity
  • Cancel() the pending changes and revert back to the last prior saved state.
  • Delete() the record(s) associated with this business object.
  • Fetch() data to set the state of this business object.
  • Save() the state of this business object.
  • Undo() changes to the state of this business object.

    Other Methods Sometimes Provided by Business Objects
  • Serialize() to stream the object's state as XML.
  • Clone() to produce a copy of the object.
  • Validate() to invoke validation business rules.
  • Transform() to apply transformations to data prior to Validate(). Can you cite an example of a public Transform()-like method prior to a Validate()-like method? Seems like an encapsulation faux-pas to me...-- Steven Black

    And, additionally,
  • Pre-(), Post-(), and Execute-() Hook Operations and Template Methods for some or all of the above.

    Category Middle Tier Category Business Rules Category Class Design
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