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Just announced by Microsoft
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Does anybody else see this language as simply the Microsoft-polluted version of Ja Va rebadged C# (and reworked a little) after the Sun lawsuit, then repositioned as the Next Big Thing? I think it's just marketing hype from Microsoft trying to keep the control on the internet that they have on the (Windows) desktop. -- wgcs
Looks pretty neat, although the draft C# Reference Guide does contain the following text (potentially disappointing to us VFPers): "In addition to C#, Visual Studio supports Visual Basic, Visual C++, and the scripting languages VBScript and JScript."
It used to be someone invented a programming language, others took notice, and over time it evolved, improved, and matured. In the optics of Microsoft in year 2000, it appears enough to announce the imminence of a language, and declare it the way of the future. This generates unbelievable buzz! Well I've got news: that's back-asswards and anyone who falls for this vaporware, or accepts this determinant notion of industry evolution, is a sucker. Mark my words. -- Steven Black
Your synopsis reminds me of Ja Va :) Seriously, I agree that this is Vapor Ware. But in terms of evolution, the last 10-15 years have modified the traditional pattern. Languages like VB and Delphi, and now C#, are essentially proprietary. They don't need to "evolve and mature" to become useful, so long as they can carve out some chunk of market share. (Of course, VB has evolved, but not in the market-driven, standards-based sense that I think you mean.) At any rate, if the product matches its marketing hype, it will be a cool tool. But the same has been said about many overhyped products which eventually failed :) -- Zahid Ali
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