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Calvin Hsia

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"The father of modern Visual FoxPro"
One of the original Microsoft MVPs from 1993, Calvin is software developer lead for Visual FoxPro at Microsoft.

Calvin's Blog is at:

Can anyone comment on how one would pronounce that surname?

It's pronounced Shaw. Not quite, more like Shah. [I'm sure Calvin will answer to either. ;)]

That doesn't really help that much. Different areas of the United States alone would pronounce "shaw" very differently. And being from Southern California, "Shaw" and "Shah" are homonyms for me. A recording would work, or if you could find a word on, like this one: (note that m-w uses almost exclusively "standard" English for its recordings) -- Peter Crabtree

I agree with Peter Crabtree. In the North East, I would pronounce it more like 'shore' with a very soft 'r'. 'Shah' helps, but I'm inclined to rhyme that with 'Car', which is pronounced here near Boston like 'Caah'. A recording would be absolutely helpful (not that I ever find myself saying his name out loud)! Tod McKenna

Bingo, Tod. "Shah" like "caah," as in "Pahk the caah in Hahvahd Yahd."--^TamarGranor

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