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Adaptive Maintenance (WIN_COM_API)2004.01.07
Class Insulation Layers (Wiki)2007.06.06
Corrective Maintenance (WIN_COM_API)1999.12.03
Debug Friendly Environment (WIN_COM_API)1999.10.09
Debug Mode (SQL)1999.10.08
Development Mode (Wiki)1999.10.08
Emulating Users (WIN_COM_API)1999.10.08
FPDGUIFace Lift (WIN_COM_API)2002.08.30
Login Bypass (VFP)1999.10.12
Maintainability (People)1999.10.08
Maintaining And Supporting An Application (People)1999.11.21
Maintenance Hook (People)2000.11.06
Maintenance Metrics (Wiki)1999.12.03
Migrate 2x To VFP Incremental Migration (Wiki)2004.02.08
Migrate 2x To VFP Rewrite (VFP)2004.02.13
Migrate 2x To VFP Using The Converter (Wiki)2007.04.25
New Database Checklist (WIN_COM_API)2004.03.29
Perfective Maintenance (WIN_COM_API)1999.12.03
Preventive Maintenance (WIN_COM_API)1999.12.03
Software Essentials (WIN_COM_API)2003.12.02
Software Maintenance (Wiki)2003.10.27
Strategies For 2x To VFP Migration (Wiki)2004.02.10
Test Friendly Environment (WIN_COM_API)2000.05.12
Why Is Software Maintenance So Expensive (Wiki)1999.12.03