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Christof Wollenhaupt

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Christof Wollenhaupt specializes in FoxPro development. He writes the FoxPro Advisor Answers column with Tamar Granor and Pamela Thalacker and has contributed several articles to the magazine. He is also a Sysop on the CompuServe MSDEVAPP forum and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 1997.

At ProLib, he is the Lead programmer of the AFP development team (Active Foxpro Pages)

Formerly also known as "Christof Lange", he changed his Lastname after his marriage in May 2004.

Christof Wollenhaupt
Foxpert Software Development and Consulting
Apmannsweg 21
22846 Norderstedt

Telephone: +49-40-68267080
Fax: +49-40-68267082
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