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The Class Browser is a tool that ships with Visual FoxPro. It allows managing classes and seeing inheritance structures. The Class Browser's sibling and alter-ego is the Component Gallery.

The Class Browser can be enhanced through Browser Add Ins. See also Events Should Always Call Methods.
A little known fact is that a project can be opened with the Class Browser which is an excellent way to get a quick view of the class hierarchies. -- Mike Feltman
KB Article Q186083 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q186083, New Features of the Class Browser in VFP6.
The Class Browser can also open forms which lets you use the View Class Code button to see all of the code in the form and its objects.
You can drag things out of the Class Browser: select it, then grab the icon in the upper left corner and drag away, even onto the VFP desktop and an instance of it is created for you. -- CFK
Classes can be copied from VCX to VCX using the Class Browser. The technique is described in Copying Classes. -- Ed Leafe
No good for classes defined in code. However, there is now an alternative! See Class Navigator, Prg Class Browser and PRGvs VCX. -- ?wgcs

In VFP 9.0 Class Browser can open PRG based classes.

2004/01/28 Steven Blake - Within the Class Browser, after you load a library, you may redefine the Parent Class property by right clicking the name of the intended class. This comes in handy if you want to subclass an object or assign a class back to its baseclass. However, there is a bug as described in Re Define Module.
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