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Namespace: VB

A client server environment is a networking environment of clients and servers running applications designed for client/server architecture. In this environment, client sends service request to Server and Server facilitates the client. There are restrictions on clients to get specific information and services only.

A network architecture in which each computer or process on the network is either a client or a server. Servers are powerful computers or processes dedicated to managing disk drives (file servers), printers (print servers), or network traffic (network servers ). Clients are PCs or workstations on which users run applications. Clients rely on servers for resources, such as files, devices, and even processing power.
Another type of network architecture is known as a peer-to-peer architecture because each node has equivalent responsibilities. Both client/server and peer-to-peer architectures are widely used, and each has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Client-server architectures are sometimes called two-tier architectures.
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