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Client - Server Applications With Visual FoxPro 6 and SQL Server 7

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Client Server Applications With Visual FoxPro & Sql Server
by Chuck Urwiler, GaryDeWitt, MikeLevy, Leslie Koorhan, (edited by ChaimCharon) ISBN 1930919018 Hentzenwerke Publishing

Really good book, especially for VFPer's who have never used SQL server. At least one of the authors (Gary) has been using VFP/SQL for over three years for a product that is used nationwide in environments from a small, one-PC office to somewhat large networks that use dedicated SQL servers and laptops running MSDE that replicate with the Servers. I have heard him talk, and he really knows his stuff. Good work. -- CFK
I have now decided that I will basically never use DBF's for an app again.

I do have one project, Confer Carl, that I started before I joined the "church of SQL." It uses dbfs. I think that is still the right thing for that app. Basically, the data isn't important enough to warrant the additional 'cost' (hassle) of MSDE. But how often can you tell the client that their data isn't 'that' important?
-- CFK
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