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This is the club for those who sometimes had to use Nantucket Software's finest. For those of you who only had experience with CA's version, my condolences.
Alex Feldstein (Summer 87 version)
Andrew MacNeill (Summary 87 version)
Barbara Peisch (Summer 87 version)
DenisChassť (Summer 87 Version)
Nancy Folsom (Summer 87 version and 5.x)
Craig Berntson (I even created a commercial application with Summer 87 2 AM version of course)
David TAnderson (Autumn 86, Summer 87)
Ed Rauh (S'87)
Bob Archer (S'87 - 5.2)
Fernando Alvares (Summer 87)
Fabio Funck (Summer 87)
DanielRouleau (Summer 87, 5.x)
Jonathan Clark (Summer 87 version and 5.x)
DraganJoksimovic(Summer 87)
Evan Pauley (Winter 85, Summer 87, 5.x)
Ted Roche (Summer '87)
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