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CoDe Magazine's Mission
Component Developer Magazine (CoDe) is on an aggressive growth path to become the number one Microsoft technology information resource, as reflected in our slogan, "Microsoft Technologies In-Depth for IT Managers and Developers."

Each bi-monthly issue of CoDe Magazine contains detailed explanations of Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework, as well as other new Microsoft technologies and developer tools. Written by real-life developers who actually use the tools they write about, CoDe is a "must-have" reference for serious .NET and database developers.

Instead of shallow articles that read like marketing press releases, CoDe Magazine contains insightful, common sense explanations that are based on the writers' experiences. No fluff allowed!

CoDe Magazine's Vision
CoDe Magazine was launched with one primary goal: provide the Microsoft-oriented IT community with an advanced technology magazine that explains in-depth how to actually use Microsoft's development tools. From the beginning, the magazine has focused on technologies and application architecture "best practices," illustrating them with examples in multiple programming languages.

This strategy has proven to be right on the mark, as Microsoft's new .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET have provided a new, unified development environment that can be programmed with multiple languages. Additionally, CoDe Magazine expands the knowledge base of IT managers and developers by including important development topics often overlooked by other magazines, such as UML Modeling, Requirements and Use Cases, Testing Strategies and even Improving Client Relationships.

CoDe Magazine also publishes special issues under the "CoDe Focus" brand. Most recently ([2004.09.23] ), the CoDe Focus VFP 9 issue has been published.

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