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Codebase - is an xbase compatible database product that runs on a number of platforms including Linux. It is, according to the web site, very fast. ACT the contact manager is written using this package. Also, according to the website, it is compatible with FoxPro (which version is not stated). Has anyone interfaced VFP to Codebase or specifically ACT?
Michael Chean

Michael, I found Codebase interesting too, and I had some questions like you (they don't detail how to interface from VFP, nor they have documentation to VFP). I just sent an email to Sequiter, asking additional info about it, targeted to VFP audience, as soon as they answer it I'll post the message. -- Fernando Alvares

Ray Houghton (SEQUITER SOFTWARE, Inc.) kindly returned this message:

Code Base, in its latest version (6.5) has been designed for compatibility with Visual FoxPro, and it includes some new features in this connection, including field support as follows:

- binary character
- binary memo
- currency
- datetime
- double
- integer

There are also new Code Base functions designed to manipulate these fields, and Code Base supports the ability to mark a field as 'null'.
If any further Code Base questions or problems arise, please contact me. -- Ray Houghton
Code Base has been around for a long time. It's a C Library used for C programmers to access .DBF format. ACT tables are an older version of .DBF format (not VFP6) -- Peter Easson
I was able to access ACT tables using the dBASE5 ODBC driver. -- Ted Roche
xCase at one time used Code Base for its DBF access, I think it still does, but I'm not certain. -- Mike Feltman
Has someone already made some benchmark with Code Base and VFP? If so, could you detail it? Could Rushmore be beated? -- Fernando Alvares
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