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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
CodeBook is a free Frame Work written by Flash Creative Management. The contributors are YAlan Griver, Ct Blankenship, Ed Leafe and others.

See (for text of the original publication by YAG which is now out of print)
Codebook source is now being hosted on Source, using their CVS servers. You can register there as a developer, and contribute to the framework. Source Forge also provides bug tracking, email lists, and much more. Check it out at
There is a fairly active forum for codebook on the Leafe website
[2009.01.01] The Open TechOffsite link to
Forums have been taken offline. If you're looking for Codebook support, please join the free email support list, or you can search the message archives.

[2002.04.01] Codebook 6.2 has been released! Go to the Codebook Download PageOffsite link to and get your copy! See the list of changes/bug fixes on the Codebook 62 Changes page.
Codebook will be getting a sample application at long last! See CBSample App for more info.
German translation of COMCodebook documentation is available via DFp UG at at category Frame Works CodeBook.
See also: Codebook Forum, Codebook Current Bug List, Codebook How To, Codebook User Manual, The Codebook Newsletter, Codebook Service Releases, Visual FoxExpress, ?COMCodebook
See Also: Framework Feature Chart
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