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Codebook Service Release 7

Namespace: VB

RELEASED 12/18/1999

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NOTE: This will be the last Service Release for the original Codebook 6.0 framework. We are now working on revising the classes, which will result in the release of version 6.1 of the framework -- Ed Leafe
[12/08/99] Modified the LookupValue() method of cIFCombobox so that the value in the cField property is EVAL'd in the LOCATE commands instead of being compared directly.
[12/06/99] Modified Setup.prg so that all USE commands have the keyword SHARED in them. Prior to this, there were two places which lacked this, and could cause one user to lock out others if SET EXCLUSIVE was ON.
[12/06/99] Changed the SEEKs in cDataEnv.prg and Setup.prg to force the value being compared to the dbPaths value to UPPER(), since the dbPaths values are always stored in upper case.
[12/04/99] Corrected a data type mismatch error in cMemento.CompareState() when the field in question is a General field.
[11/30/99] Added an i-layer for the Data Environment classes. These definitions are in \Common\iLibs\iDataEnv.PRG. I've included a utility, aDataEnvConvert.PRG, which will take your aDataEnv.prg and change all the c-layer references to the appropriate i-layer references.
[11/29/99] Modified the textfile.dbf file in QStart so that the aDataEnv code references the i-layer instead of the c-layer.
[11/29/99] It seems that the revised version of the cMemento class was not included in some copies of SR6. I'm re-including it for completeness.
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