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Out on the market and according maybe to marketing campaigns, the quality of VFP files ( tables and database ) are being questioned when compared to SQL Server and other database Server applications. I'd like to establish some kind of comparison of VFP to Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Pervasive and Oracle. Which items are to be considered : Number of records, size of files, ideal number of users, fiability ? Are there any other ?

At this first stage of comparison, I'd like to establish a checklist in order to be considered afterwards to do a real comparison.

I'm waiting for your suggestions and opinions. An opinion is always something worth being considered.

One point we brought up recently was how easy it was to backup the files whilst maintaining operability Tim Hustler
Access and VFP are both file-based system and subject to the same type of corruption. However, it's much worse for Access as the same file contains forms, reports, and programs. Lose the table and you lose more than the data.

Fox also has a bad rep from older versions. Newer versions support buffering of data, which substantially reduces the chance of corruption. In fact, I can't think of when I've seen corrupt data in the past few years because I always buffer the data.

Contrary to popular belief, even SQL Server and Oracle can get data corruption. -- Craig Berntson
Overall Performance
Easa of Use
Portability (easy to move from one machine to another OR easy to select different target database from app)

Personal opinion: Once I finally made the leap to SQL Server I came to realize it is not difficult to install, administer or maintain as some would have you believe (and as was the case with my earlier Oracle 7.0 experiences) I pretty much recommend SQL Server as the database in all but the most simple and small applications with few concurrent users. Overall, over the past few years, I would say that mine as well as my clients' satisfaction level with SQL is pretty high.

That said, as far as desktop databases go, you can't beat VFP. I still have several clients running very reliably with Foxpro data. One is even accessed by web (ASP using OLEDB) and remote (TS) users over WAN in addition to the several LAN users and it all just hums along nicely. Sure they had some bumps along the way but mostly those turned out to be hardware/network issues. However, our next re-engineering project will definitely involve moving them to SQL to better position them for long term growth. -- Randy Jean

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