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An extensive pay for use service that was the place for Software support before the internet became popular. The CompuServe VFox Forum is probably the best threaded environment because of its very high Signal To Noise Ratio compared to NewsGroups.

Of course, when you are paying $30 an hour to access a service like this, you don't fool around and chit chat. CompuServe has since moved to a much more reasonable monthly flat rate since then, but it was only in response to the internet and much lower access fees which caused many software companies to establish much less expensive and accessible web support pages.
You must be in Europe :-). CompuServe cost me maybe $50 a week back when I was online all the time. Yes, it's true that a metered service is more seriously used, and that's no bad thing. Regardless, CompuServe was cheap at three times the price, and I never regretted a dime I spent online, and I'm sure a majority of experienced developers would agree.-- Steven Black
I'd certainly agree re this. Those CompuServe days were salad days. -- John Ryan

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Some say that CompuServe VFox Forum has gone "downhill" since the arrival of the popular internet, but in fact the support and the quality of discussion available there is still top rate. Though message counts have declined somewhat over the past few years, on balance that's no bad thing considering that one can only read so many messages, and that a good core of dedicate Visual FoxPro knowledgeables remain there. Nothing beats high signal and low noise, and Compuserve VFox Forum has got it.-- Steven Black
Every so often a former regular will show up, ostensibly to say good-bye, or to check up on what's going on in the forum today. Frequently they're reminded of the congenial, helpful spirit of the place, and stick around for some time. I did that myself last fall, and have been enjoying the interaction ever since!

On the whole though, there's a LOT of repetition. A lot of newbies show up confronting the same issues we've all faced porting ourselves from procedural to OOP ways of thinking, and trying to grasp the power of VFP. It's exciting to move them along, and it's certainly true that you learn A LOT by explaining to someone else. But after awhile the challenge to come up with something new diminishes.

And BTW, the same problem exists in User Groups, which I've also been heavily involved with over the years: How to attract and educate new people while still maintaining the interest of the more seasoned members. All too often, the solution seems to be to weed out all but the middle ground!

This forum promises to fill in some of those blanks. Thanks Steve and Rod for starting this up! Ceil Silver
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