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A place to discuss the MSDev App forum on Compuserve
[2011.01.27] MSDev App(s) forums can be found at but they are dead.
Within few days CompuServe will move the CompuServe forum to a new platform. The new platform is web-based and does not support offline readers, anymore, such as Oz Win or TAPCIS, nor does it support HMI based Software such as WinCIM 3.x or DOSCIM. If you any of these products and receive an error message when accessing the forum, please try the URL below:

-- Christof Wollenhaupt (SYSOP in MSDEVAPP)
As of today (04/04/2000) most US based forums on CompuServe are open to everyone having one of the following accounts:

- CompuServe Classic
- CompuServe 200
- Instant Messenger

If you don't have such an account you can create a FREE account on the login screen. When doing so, CompuServe sends a mail to the specified Email address to which you have to respond with "OK" in the message body. This is used to validate the Email address. After that you use this account for most forums on CompuServe.

The CompuServe MSDEVAPP forum would like to invite you to visit us. The MS Developer Application forum consists of sections for Visual FoxPro, MS Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server and the Help Authoring tools. You can access it via the following URL:

International users who can't get in via the above URL, please use:

I tried to go to both of these links this morning and was redirected each time to a Page Not Found error. I think it was taking me to a guest sign-up page, but there wasn't really very much info. -- Andrew Coates

I just use -- Pamela Thalacker

I just tried these links, they both take you to a signup page where you can get a free screen name, or you can enter as a guest (read only). Definately not user friendly. Scott Finegan

I just tried again and was again directed to the page not found page. Could this have something to do with the fact that my IP address is from outside the USA? -- Andrew Coates

Even without a CompuServe account you now have full access to the forum, which consists in reading and creating messages, searching the message base and the file library, downloading any of the roughly 8500 files in our library, participating in chats, etc.

I hope that some of you who left the CompuServe forum because it wasn't web based or you needed additional software will come in for a short visit and say hello to everyone. The chatter section is active as always and Norm Weil is waiting to increase his message count again. *bg*

See you soon in the MSDEVAPP forum!

Christof Wollenhaupt
Sections (as of 01/04/00)
All and all a very synergetic mix. I was skeptical at first but now I think the recent CompuServe forum merger is a good thing. The great thing is that VFP, VB, and SQL Server forums along with their files sections are all in the same integrated forum...-- Steven Black

I agree that the idea has potential. But I've noticed a significant reduction in the number of messages posted in the VFP sections. Not very encouraging. -- Barbara Peisch But traffic is down significantly everywhere because of the holidays....

Thanks for your positive feedback. It's really nice to see that some folks gave the new forum a chance and didn't leave, just because it changed. The traffic is coming back, and the number of members is steadily increasing. We are at 3000 members now. I suppose there are several reasons for the shortage of messages, eg. the problems during the consolidation, the holidays, being busy with Y2K related work, and so on. -- Christof Wollenhaupt

The CompuServe forum is a rather nice interface to a forum. There are two reasons it won't become my primary forum:
  • Information Overload! Too many categories makes it impossible to read all incoming messages as they are posted... you'd have to click on 10 different categories to see the 3 latest posts. The approach I prefer is the Tek Tips ForumsOffsite link to
single category.
  • There seems to be no way to refer to an other thread. When someone posts a question, then posts: "Forget it, I found the answer over in this other category," there doesn't seem to be a way to refer directly to the answer. In Tek Tips ForumsOffsite link to
, each thread has a ThreadXXX-XXXX link at the top that you can cut-and-paste into a message to create a link to the answer. -- ?wgcs

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