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Creating VFP Apps With VFE

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F1 Technologies includes a copy of this book with each VFE purchase.

Creating Visual FoxPro Applications with Visual FoxExpress ISBN 1930919034

By Bob Archer and Dan Jurden

Edited by Mike Feltman

Published by Hentzenwerke Publishing
"Visual FoxExpress has been helping FoxPro developers build feature rich Fox applications for longer than anyone else. VFE 6.0 allows developers to create complex, true multi-tier applications with the same style and flair of earlier versions. Thereís a lot to VFE, though, that canít be learned just from the tutorial and reference guide. With Creating Visual FoxPro Applications with Visual FoxExpress, youíll learn the nuts and bolts of application development with VFE, starting with setting up a project and continuing on through user interfaces, reports, and security. Bob Archer and Dan Jurden have years of VFE experience under their belts, and it shows as youíll learn dozens of tips and tricks while getting a firm grounding on the entire application development process."
Bonus Chapters

Since Bob is always finding something new about Visual FoxExpress or a new way to use it, he will be creating Bonus Chapters. These bonus chapters, as and if they come out will be made available to book owners as additional downloads. The following is a list of bonus chapter. The first bonus chapter is available in its entierty here on the Wiki.

Bonus Chapter 1: Upsizing VFE Security Tables
Errata (unverified)

pp 43-44 Next to last sentence in the lwriteprimarykeyonnew and lwriteprimarykeyonsave are the same. I think the lwriteprimarykeyonnew may be incorrect. I think it should say the new value will be retrieved "during a new" rather than "at save."

p. 50 In the next to last paragraph where it tells you to add a GUID, I found that to already be defined in the sample data.

p. 58 In the second paragraph under "Metadata Storage," it implies that the structure VFEMeta is discussed in the DBCX2 manual. It is not documented there nor is it documented anywhere really. One might say it is somewhat documented in the VFE help topic "The Visual FoxExpress Data Dictionary," but the actual fieldnames corresponding to the properties aren't really listed.

p. 64 Near the top, the function returned a 7 because the sample data had 7 views defined (not 1 as the book says).

p. 69 In the discussion of lnewonparentnew, "If this property is set to new" should say "If this property is set to true"

p. 75 Third line from the bottom - "can" should be "cannot"

p. 85 First sentence under the lMain paragraph, I would say "object should become the active" rather than "object should become the main" (for clarity).

p. 132 Under lalwaysreadonly, third sentence - "framework will set enabled to True..." should say "framework will set enabled to False..."

p. 157 The line of code after the first paragraph which reads, This.Parameters.Items['vp_zipcode'].Value = v_customers.zipcode should be corrected to read, This.Parameters.Item['vp_zipcode'].Value = v_customers.zipcode

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