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David Frankenbach

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
3-June-2015: Shortly after starting to work at Schwab, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, after 26 months of battling it there is nothing more that can be done to treat the second recurrence. I'll be moving back to Missouri to be with family soon, and should be able to have a Macallan with dear Mr. Rettig in the not to distant future. I want to thank everyone of the Fox Gang that helped me become a better developer along the way.

5-Dec-2015: David passed away, age 58. He will be missed.

Currently working at Charles Schwab as a SQL Server Development DBA doing datawarehouse primarily.

I'm primarily a VFP developer, but I also use several other languages where they are appropriate. I'm the author of Object Oriented Programming With Visual FoxPro which was part of the Pros Talk Visual FoxPro series published by Pinnacle Publishing and Microsoft Press.

Email: [email protected]

Java Script parses funny on this page, likely for security reasons, too. If you have VFP, though, here's the equivalent key to DF's email address -- ?tr

string = "dc98bdaab5b89aaebdb2b7b9b2bebdbfb49cbda8a8f2b2b9a8"
for i = 3 to len(string) step 2

wait window z

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