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David Stevenson

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I am a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and Visual FoxPro MVP and have been involved with Fox since the early foxbase days. For several years I installed/modified SBT accounting software. I am currently specializing in migrating VFP apps and older Foxpro 2.6 apps to web front-ends and nTier design, using either VFP tables or SQL Server.

I have considerable experience in n-Tier and Web architectures, and work regularly with West Wind Web Connection, as well as ASP.NET and .NET Desktop applications with VB.NET and C#.

Former Editor of Fox Talk 2.0 (2004-2005).
Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP as of July 1, 2005
Now blogging mostly about Visual Foxpro at David Stevenson's Talking Fox (last updated in 2007; now a different site -- tr)
Available for VFP, Web Connection or .NET projects, training or mentoring. Contact me if you need assistance with a difficult project -- whether upgrading to VFP9, moving your data to a remote database like SQL Server, re-architecting your application to use Cursor Adapter for flexibility in changing database backends, or providing a web interface to your data.
I'm available and eager to speak to VFP user groups on VFP9-related topics. Gimme a call!

Email: david - at** topstrategies *D-ot* com
Phone: 727-466-8621
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