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David T. Anderson is a reality architect specializing in the use of technologies that empower the collective consciousness to evolve. (wink-wink)

David has been a Visual FoxPro, Visual Inter Dev, SQLServer instructor for AppDev. In addition, he has a set of Visual FoxPro videos available from Keystone Learning Systems.

David spent a few years working with the VFP team at Microsoft assiting in the development and testing of versions 2.6 through 5.0. Now he's thrilled to be back working with the VS Data/VFP test team on Europa (VFP9).

Between his Microsoft days he was the CTO for a dot-gone known as Pacifiq Technologies. The software, services and IT team were sold to Infocomm (A-V Industry trade association) where the ISP modeled offerings are still in use by over 1800 web sites.

He is married and a daddy happily residing once again in Seattle, and can be reached at [email protected]
David passed away October 10, 2012 after a 3-year battle with ALS. He was a US Army veteran and served in Iraq.

Co-author with JohnAlden of the Wizards and Builders included in VFP.
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