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Sorry for the offensive title, but I'd like to start a topic to list some of the really terrible reporting about DotNetOffsite link to in the written press, the Internet, and presentations. -- Steven Black
Whenever you read or hear something about DotNetOffsite link to, consider the Codification Cycle For Science And Engineering. Ask yourself, where is DotNetOffsite link to, and the state of DotNetOffsite link to software, in this cycle? Compare that with what the author says about DotNetOffsite link to Is there a disconnect between what's written or said and where DotNetOffsite link to is, in reality? In my limited experience, here in early 2002, most of what I've been reading and hearing seems fundamentally disconnected from the engineering life-cycle to which DotNetOffsite link to must conform. I'm seeing a lot of ad-hoc experimentation and folklore posing as software engineering. In my opinion, there is something deeply unethical about this.-- Steven Black
[2002.01.14] Here's one: In Software Development Magazine, January 2002 issue RichardHaleShaw, who should know better, starts the "Minor Gripes" section with:
Compared to the inconsistencies, unreliability and, to a degree, instability of Visual Studio 6.0, VS.NET is a dream, with nary a significant bug, but a few annoyances are evident...

Ahem. He's referring to beta software that nobody has ever seriously used, deployed, or versioned, as having "nary a significant bug". Do you get the impression this guy's among those who've clearly somehow been bought off by Microsoft to say only nice bullshit?

Source: -- Steven Black

Now that VS.NET is available, and you can use the RTM version just like the reviewer you're quoted has, what bugs and design problems are you finding with the product? -- Mike Helland

I'm not seeing any bugs with the product. I'm referring to the lunacy of claiming the product's more stable and reliable when its usage has hitherto been limited to beta testing and its deployed usage is zero. Moreover in the article, the author is using beta 2. Also, he's commenting on VS.NET as a whole when we all know he uses C++ almost exclusively.-- Steven Black
Here's another: Keynote Bullshit At Fox Teach 2001,,t269-s2102244,00.html - .Net vote rigging illustrates importance of Web services
Please list other examples questionable DotNetOffsite link to gloss here.
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