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Deutschsprachige Foxpro User Group Portal

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An awesome VFP community portal containing many resources for FoxPro developers in German (of course) but also a good number in English. Many past sessions from Devcon Germany are included.

To see some of the English resources, try a search on English-speaking authors/speakers like, for example, Steven Black, Jim BoothOffsite link to
, Andy Kramek, Drew Speedie, Rod Paddock, Ted Roche, Lisa Slater, Rick Strahl, etc... but use last name only or search in categories instead.

Or try the new category English under "Kategorien" for a complete searchable list of english language material...

To get access to the complete document portal you need to be a member of the FoxPro User Group of German language, short dFPUG. You can either register as a normal member or as an online only member at Afterwards you are able to use the personalized portal access at
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